The metaphor is the fully opposable thumb of human consciousness, its grip, its grasp.

Essaying in being, on and of[f], forging and fabricating, language from thought and thought from language. Obsessive thinker and compulsive writer; impulsively pedantic and temperamentally AWOL, rather than vanguard; I assemble writing as it is formed, at its most amorphous — essays in charcoal, a little singed, and vaporous, from the embers. In the makeshift of the mind, the slipstreams of matter, the shapeshifting of meaning — I try to fix things that aren’t broken; I also attempt to fix things that are broken; and I leave some things, sometimes, the way they are, broken and unfixed.

Through vapour & glass, marginalia & marginality,
I move on the fly, moved by frisson, and re/make things.